OF and Biojam stimulate pharmaceutical research

The Order of Pharmacists (OF) and Biojam have signed a collaboration agreement to create a new category of the Biojam Innovation Award in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences. This initiative aims to recognize and promote high-quality scientific research conducted by pharmacists. The agreement also includes a new scholarship program for students in the Integrated Master’s Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The new award aligns with the objectives of both organizations, which are committed to promoting innovation and the development of research in the field of Health and Pharmaceutical Sciences, in particular.

The Biojam Innovation Award was established in 2018 and aims to distinguish research work that promotes innovation in various areas of Health. With a cash prize of 1,250 euros, it recognizes work in seven distinct areas: General and Family Medicine, Pediatric Oncological Hematology, Hospital Pharmacy, Rare Diseases, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and the Biojam Innovation Award Azores by Kosmohealth.

The agreement was signed on Thursday, July 6th, at the temporary headquarters of the OF in Lisbon, in the presence of the OF President, Helder Mota Filipe, and the administrator of Biojam, Carlos Monteiro.

Fonte: Ordem dos Farmacêuticos