Biojam Holding Group at the Global Health Forum

The Global Health Forum, an international event dedicated to the discussion of critical issues related to global health, took place on September 29th and 30th in the city of Cascais, Portugal. The forum brought together experts from different fields to analyze urgent challenges permeating the global health landscape and to explore innovative solutions aimed at promoting well-being on an international scale.

“The Global Health Forum is the largest event of the year in the health sector in Portugal, bringing together renowned national and foreign experts with the aim of finding solutions to the main challenges that people and governments will have to face in the coming years. It aims to awaken our individual and collective awareness of the role of health as a fundamental element of economic development, social cohesion, and the well-being and safety of citizens.

The Global Health Forum recognizes that people’s health is closely linked to the eradication of poverty, equity and social justice, nutrition, housing, access to healthcare, climate change, and the level of education.”

During the event, experts from various health fields presented their research and experiences, addressing crucial topics such as public health policies, access to healthcare, and technological innovations in the sector.

One of the presentations focused on the theme “Health, Globalization, and Sustainability.” The speaker, Carlos Monteiro, CEO and founder of the Biojam Holding Group, shared valuable perspectives on the interconnected challenges the world faces. Carlos Monteiro discussed the urgency of a global approach to addressing health problems affecting communities worldwide. He emphasized prevention as a crucial factor in healthcare systems, determining increased longevity without disease, and raised awareness of the critical importance of healthy behaviors such as physical exercise.

He even revealed that an analytical phenotyping study indicated that 71.2% of adults in Portugal met the WHO criteria for “moderate-intensity physical exercise.”

Carlos Monteiro spoke passionately about the implicit and explicit funding from the pharmaceutical industry to the hospital National Health Service (SNS), where payment deadlines exceeded 200 days, making the current models of payment for medicines, medical devices, and services unsustainable.

With enthusiasm, he discussed interventions of utmost importance in climate protection, including measures to reduce waste, modern forms of medical device reuse, and other relevant topics.

The Global Health Forum in Cascais provided a vital platform for healthcare professionals and public policy experts to share knowledge, experiences, and innovative ideas. The discussions held significantly contributed to the global dialogue on critical health issues and the development of sustainable solutions that will benefit future generations worldwide.

The event brought together experts and specialists from different fields of knowledge with the purpose of discussing topics that will influence the future of health from a multidisciplinary and integrated perspective, aiming to ensure “Health for All.”

Cascais, Portugal – October 2, 2023.