BIOJAM HG is the leading company in the Iberian market for the treatment of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, which affects primarily children and young adults.

BIOJAM and NOVA Labs have worked closely together to bring further innovation to the market. Our focus has been on providing a differentiated way of medicine administration, which was initially developed for adults. In addition to medicine for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, which impacts mostly children and young adults and, therefore, requires dosages adapted to the patient’s body weight, our research has focused on other oncological pathologies with similar needs. Our primary goal is to provide accurate and easy treatment for those parts of the population where the standard oral solid pharmaceutical forms are not a solution.


BIOJAM HG, already a pharmaceutical reference in several therapies, has now developed an exclusive and unique product in the Iberian Peninsula for diabetics.

BIOJAM partnered with TARADON Laboratories to provide diabetics with oral hygiene products tailored to their needs. The AnOxident balance line features a complete range of products, from toothpaste, to mouthwash, as well as oral spray and gel, which when combined ensure effective oral hygiene for 24 hours.

The new AnOxident balance oral care line is, therefore, an essential part of the daily care plan for diabetics. These products have been developed specifically to protect teeth and gums from high levels of glucose in saliva, which can be a major contributing factor to oral problems associated with diabetes.