To ensure access to healthcare to all regardless of origin, age, race, belief system, or social condition through solution-based scientific advances. Our sole purpose is to provide the highest quality of life for all involved, from health care providers to patients. Human life is our guiding principle.

To make a difference and do it better, based on our scientific background and our values. Our greatest drive is to implement the latest available developments in science, which will always be our common denominator. The combined matrix of quality and cost-effectiveness is our aspiration.



Carlos Monteiro

Founder & CEO

Some might say it would be easier not to even try. Nevertheless, in the face of adversity, it is imperative to remain resilient and uphold the nobility of our values.

Principles in which Biojam SA was founded. A reference pharmaceutical company in the Iberian Peninsula, in which innovation is combined with rigor, competence, determination, ethics, resilience, and care for others as core values.

Augusto Costa
Technical Director

Isabel Carvalho
Finance & Account Manager

Carlos Guarino
Distribution and Logistics Director

Paulo Pino
Legal Consultant

Luís Pereira
Informatics Manager

Patrícia Nunes
Customer Service

Andreia Baptista
Customer Service

Paula Gago
Customer Service

Raquel Jesus
Sales Representative

Sandra Sereno
Sales Representative

Pedro Trigo
Sales Representative

João Melita Mendes
Sales Representative

Luís Ferreira
Sales Representative

Sónia Almeida
Sales Representative

Carla Inácio
Sales Representative

Pedro Oliveira
Sales Representative

Fernando Almeida
Sales Representative