Biojam launches new products and enters the Benelux countries

The Biojam Group operates in the pharmaceutical industry and marks the beginning of 2024 with the introduction of new products in Portugal, Spain, and the Benelux (Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg). After formally initiating its internationalization process at the end of last year with the establishment of Biojam España SL, the group will also establish Biojam Benelux later this year. Carlos Jorge Monteiro, Founder and CEO of Biojam, SA, in an exclusive interview with PAÍS€CONÓMICO, emphasizes that the creation of companies in Spain and the Benelux countries constituted natural steps to «expand our vision of bringing products and solutions to the market that can be very important to improve the quality of life of people, or even to preserve the lives of many people.»Therefore, for the current year, Biojam will introduce new products to the market, especially in the areas of Anesthesiology, General Surgery, and Organ Transplantation, «with the natural ambition of being leaders in the markets where we are present, namely Portugal, Spain, and the Benelux countries,»highlights the leader of Biojam, who anticipates nearly doubling the turnover achieved in 2023, which was 4.3 million euros. «Adding value and well-being to human health is the fundamental question of Biojam's vision and way of life, therefore, we annually award several Biojam Innovate prizes, and we have the Biojam Foundation that supports pediatric institutions with children with special needs and develops commendable social support work in the health sector, particularly among the youngest and the elderly,»emphasizes Carlos Jorge Monteiro.