BIOJAM recognised for having a comfortable working environment

BIOJAM has been officially recognized with the Great Place to Work certification after achieving a satisfaction rate of 88% among its employees.  This recognition reaffirms BIOJAM's commitment to creating a comfortable working environment where employees feel valued, involved and motivated to achieve their best performance, the company emphasises. The Great Place to Work certification is testimony to BIOJAM's ongoing commitment to cultivating an organisational culture based on trust, respect and collaboration. By receiving this distinction, BIOJAM" joins an elite group of companies recognised worldwide for their exemplary people management practices and work culture. The certification The Great Place to Work is validation of BIOJAM's success in providing a positive and rewarding working environment for all its employees." "Achieving a satisfaction rate of 88% and receiving the Great Place to Work certification is an achievement that brings prestige to BIOJAM and makes me very proud of our employees," says Carlos Monteiro, Founder and CEO of BIOJAM, adding: "This reflects our commitment to prioritising the well-being and happiness of our team, we are proud of the positive working environment we have built together." "This recognition goes beyond a simple honour; it is a testament to BIOJAM's commitment to fostering a diverse and people-centred culture." The company "remains committed to continually raising standards and creating a work environment of excellence for all its employees".

Source: Diário da Saúde