IV Multidisciplinary Conference on General and Family Medicine

Biojam bets on the FGM segment

Biojam is investing in the General and Family Medicine segment, creating a specific team for this area. What does this commitment involve? Is it another example of the company's pioneering spirit and its desire to always be at the forefront?

Carlos Jorge Monteiro, Founder and CEO of Biojam Holding Group, replies:

Without a doubt, our focus is always on innovation. This year we launched the only opium tincture for the treatment of moderate and severe diarrhoea, particularly in cancer patients. We put the only non-invasive treatment for menstrual cramps on the market and, against this backdrop, we integrated the medical speciality of General and Family Medicine into our daily routine, with the addition of a sales team with solid credentials, and extended the Biojam Inovar Award in the speciality. Other important news regarding General Practice will be coming in the near future. Biojam Holding Group is a recognised innovator in the hospital market and wants to extend this recognition to General Practice.

Source: Jornal Médico

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